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Holding On


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  1. “Holding On (When Love Is Gone)” was written by John McGhee & Jeffrey Osborne. This was indeed a big hit for LTD. The song spent two weeks on top of the R&B single chart in September and.
  2. holding definition: 1. something that you own such as shares in a company or buildings, or land that you rent and farm. Learn more.
  3. present participle of hold on to Synonyms & Antonyms of holding on to 1 to keep in one's mind or heart She still holds on to that feeling.
  4. Feb 11,  · Sound Of Soul - Your favorite music you haven't heard yet.» Facebook - tiostopnipnocargdecbeardbaffbeatsitece.xyzinfo» Soundcloud - tiostopnipnocargdecbeardbaffbeatsitece.xyzinfo
  5. Mar 30,  · On “Holding On,” Phora laments a tough relationship that didn’t work out with Destiny Blakely, who cheated on Phora. He details his depression, raps his heart and tries to cover his pain. On.
  6. Jun 01,  · About “Holding On” 3 contributors The lyrics alludes to Granduciel looking back at an relationship that had changed his life, but eventually failed due to it being unhealthy.
  7. Holding On synonyms, Holding On pronunciation, Holding On translation, English dictionary definition of Holding On. v. held, hold·ing, holds v. tr. 1. a. To have and keep in one's grasp: held the reins tightly.
  8. 1. the act of one that holds. 2. a section of land leased or otherwise tenanted, esp. for agricultural purposes. 3. Often, holdings. legally owned property, as securities.
  9. Holding On: The Troubled Life of Billy Kerr is a co-operative game where players work as nursing staff tasked with providing care for the terminally ill. Your latest patient has been rushed in following a massive heart attack on a flight from Sydney to London.

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