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Constellations (1992)


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  1. A constellation is a grouping of stars that represents one of the 88 divisions of the celestial sphere as defined by the International Astronomical Union. Many constellations are derived from old traditional asterisms, which are star patterns within a constellation. An example: the Big Dipper is an asterism inside of the Ursa Major constellation.
  2. The charts above show the division of the night sky into 88 constellations, plotted on a rectangular grid of right ascension and declination. They were generated using StarCharter, a command-line tool for producing vector-graphics charts of the night sky, written by the author and freely available for download.
  3. Descriptions of the ancient myths associated with the constellations was an added plus. I treasured my old copy which eventually became quite ragged and then was lost in a move. Presented here is a edition of the originally book. The data for location of the planets only extends to , which is hardly the fault of the publisher.
  4. The star belonged to the constellation Aquila until , when it moved across the border into Delphinus. DEEP SKY OBJECTS IN DELPHINUS. NGC (Caldwell 47) NGC is a relatively large globular cluster near the star Epsilon Delphini. It is approximately 50, light years distant and has a visual magnitude of
  5. Those constellations are Draco, Hercules, and Ophiuchus. These constellations are pretty easy to find. The key to locating them is Ursa Major or the Big Dipper. This constellation is the most recognizable in the sky and during July, it will be nearly straight overhead about an hour after sunset.
  6. Jun 17,  · Constellations and the Calendar. Astrology is not astronomy! Do Constellations Ever Break Apart or Change? If you waited long enough, the patterns of stars you would see in the sky would change completely. What Is a Meteor Shower? What causes them? explore; Make a Star Finder. Make one for this month and find your favorite constellation. How.
  7. The month of March marks the beginning of a transition from the Winter Constellations to the Spring Constellations in the northern hemisphere. This month, I want to highlight one notable constellation – Cancer the Crab. Cancer the Crab is a zodiac constellation. There are a total of 12 of them.
  8. May 17,  · Fact Constellations have families! Actually, a constellation family refers to groups of constellations that are located in the same area of the sky. For example, the Hercules Family is made up of a total of 19 constellations. Fact Hydra, or the serpent of Lerna, is the largest constellation in the sky. In classical mythology, it.
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