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  1. Directed by Steve Jacobs. With John Malkovich, Natalie Becker, Jessica Haines, Eriq Ebouaney. After having an affair with a student, a Cape Town professor moves to the Eastern Cape, where he gets caught up in a mess of post-apartheid politics.
  2. The fear of the disgrace of a whipping was too much for me, and I succumbed to the evil one. God would see to their honor or disgrace; what she had to do was to be a sister! She hastened to point out the other side of the matter, the insecurity of it, the disgrace. If we have fallen into disgrace .
  3. The title of 'disgrace' appears to apply to the family themselves, since we are encouraged to see the neighbors watching events unfold with a disapproving air. I don't care for this as a title since it suggests a judgment from the film – although I appreciated that the film doesn't do this itself.
  4. Disgrace is a mini-opera without music by a writer at the top of his form.” —Time “Mr. Coetzee, in prose lean yet simmering with feeling, has indeed achieved a lasting work: a novel as haunting and powerful as Albert Camus’s The Stranger.” —The Wall Street Journal “A tough, sad, stunning novel.” —Baltimore Sun.
  5. disgrace - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums. All Free.
  6. Disgrace is set in post-apartheid South Africa. Even though apartheid has legally ended, its legacy still haunts the country. Robbery and vandalism frequent the countryside. Rape is a common occurrence. The outrage from a history of oppression and violence cannot be suppressed. J.M. Coetzee brings racial tensions to the forefront of the novel.
  7. Disgraced definition, the loss of respect, honor, or esteem; ignominy; shame: the disgrace of criminals. See more.
  8. disgrace definition: The definition of a disgrace is a loss of respect or a public dishonor. (noun) A person who commits a crime is an example of a disgrace to a family.
  9. ‘DISGRACE' Is a full length, contemporary romance novel by ‘Brittainy C. Cherry. In this we meet Jackson & Grace. The ‘Prologue’ is where we first meet ten year old ‘Jackson Emery’ as he learns one of life's heartbreaking lessons when he sees his mother walking out the door proclaiming that she’s not in love with his father any more.

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